On the Ecopsychology of Religion with Dr. Tom Berendt

On this episode, I have a discussion with Dr. Tom Berendt. Dr. Berendt is a Professor of Religion at Temple University whose work focuses primarily on the veneration, or worship, of animals and nature in different religious traditions throughout history. I first met Dr. Berendt when I took his “Earth Ethics” class at Temple, and continued to have discussions with him in this field when I joined his Pagan Studies club, where we looked deeply into nature-based religious traditions. In this episode, we explore the broad question of how religion mediates humanity’s relationship with the natural world.
Thanks again for listening to the lifting the iceberg podcast. Dr. Berendt is not currently active on social media, but within the next year he will be upon his release of his new book, “The Animality Manifesto”. So stay tuned and I will be posting about that when it is released.
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